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Many shade and ornamental trees are damaged throughout the year by windstorms, ice and snow accumulation, lightning or other mechanical sources. Severe damage such as splitting or pulling apart of branch forks (v crotches), removal of large areas of bark, twisting and splitting of the trunk, or even uprooting may occur in some cases.

These injuries usually result in a change in the appearance of the tree and increase it’s susceptibility to a subsequent insect or disease attack. Cables and braces if properly installed by a trained Arborist will help protect the tree and any structure around the tree.

When to Cable a Tree

Regarding the proper maintenance of trees, it is important to understand that there is a difference between a stable crotch an an unstable crotch. A V-crotch is when large multiple stems have wood tissues that do not unite together, which creates an unstable spot in the tree. Although no one can really predict the wrath of mother nature, a Certified Arborist can tell you where a tree is most likely to incur splitting, which normally occurs in V-crotches. The largest V-crotches should be secured first. U-crutches are stable crotches where the wood tissues do unite together.

Only a trained and Certified Arborist can properly diagnose the type of split, as well as provide any necessary preventative maintenance to help safeguard your trees against further damage

Tree Cabling
Tree Bracing

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