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High winds and ice storms are quite prevalent in the Midwest region and can leave a path of destruction in its wake. You can rest assured that the staff at Brown Tree Service will always be ready for when Mother Nature takes a toll on your trees. When a tree is damaged our highly trained staff will act promptly and professionally to give you the best and most accurate assessment of its condition. Brown Tree Service’s Certified Arborists can also provide the right consultation needed to help you decide which direction is best, whether it’s to preserve the tree or completely remove it.

Brown Tree has over 28 years of experience in providing various tree services and we also have experience working with almost all the insurance companies. We will provide all the necessary documentation for all your insurance needs to help expedite your claim as quickly as possible. We also know most of the rules and regulations with insurance policies regarding tree service insurance work. And because we care about our customers, we here at Brown Tree Service will stick with you all the way through your claim and will even deal directly with the Insurance company if necessary. Our company has the expert personnel and state of the art equipment to provide the best solutions for your tree service needs.

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